The Normans Against the Byzantine Empire

“Culture in 1 minute” / Episode 14

There have been several clashes in the territory of Durres that left indelible traces in European history.

Alexius Conmen’s had just ascended the turbulent throne of the Eastern Roman Empire, which had emerged from a long and grueling war with the Bulgarians and was seriously endangered in the east by the Seljuk Turks.

While Robert Guiscard controlled all of Southern Italy. He was the most famous representative of the Norman-Viking family Altavilla and aimed at the conquest of Constantinople. They faced each other in Durres, from June 1081 to February 1082.

The victory of the war of betrayal by Robert Guiscard, brought gradually the Eastern Roman Empire (“Byzantine Empire”), never to be rebuilt.

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Producer and narrator: Geri Emiri
Historical information: Dorian Hatibi
Video-Production: Arlind Veshti

This video was developed with the support of the “Media for All” project, funded by the UK Government. The views and opinions expressed on the video are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the constitutions of the donors.

Photo on the head: From the published video.


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