Aretes of Durrachium, the philosopher quoted alongside Aristotle and Heraclitus

“Culture in 1 minute” / Episode 4

Prominent personalities, such as philosopher, historian or doctor, have stood out in ancient Durres. Aretes of Durrachium was a historian, astronomer and philosopher who was to enjoy a very positive reputation among the intellectuals of the time, as he is quoted among such figures as the Aristarch of Samos, Aristotle and Heraclitus.

We learn about it in the third century AD, when a Latin author named Censorinus wrote a work entitled “De Die Natali”. It is probably a character who lived after Rome began its rule over the city of Dyrrah.

Aretes had come to the conclusion that the world goes through regular cycles of “enlightenment” and “degradation” or destruction (“cataclysmos”) every 5552 years. The Greatest Year, as Aristotle called it, according to Arethes, began when the sun, moon, and all the planets completed their course and returned to their point of origin.

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Reference: Censorinus, “De Die Natali”, 238 AD