The Emperor from Durres

“Culture in 1 minute” / Episode 7

Anastasius I became emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 5th century AD. He was born in Durres, in a family of aristocrats and was known for his appearance.

The Byzantine historian Johannes Malalas describes him as very tall, with short hair, handsome, with a round face, gray hair and beard. He was nicknamed “Anastasius the First Dicorus” because one eye was black and the other blue.

Upon coming to power, Anastasios immediately reformed several sectors of state and military finances.
In addition to being a major reformer, Anastasius I did not forget his hometown, investing in a range of public works, such as strengthening the perimeter walls and building the circular forum.

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Producer and narrator: Geri Emiri
Historical information: Dorian Hatibi
Video-Production: Arlind Veshti

This video was developed with the support of the “Media for All” project, funded by the UK Government. The views and opinions expressed on the video are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the constitutions of the donors.


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